Think back to the most memorable events you have ever attended.

Chances are, every single party, reception, or ceremony had a couple of crazy moments that kept guests talking for days. And that is part of what made it special.


But there are some moments that are so emotional, so meaningful, so sacred that any kind of miscue is unthinkable.

The professional musicians of Columbus Musicians, LLC are dedicated to ensuring that the musical foundation of your event is nothing short of perfection.

No gaffes allowed.

But "perfect" never means dull. From musical selection through preparation to performance, we promise that the experience will be fun and the result everything you were hoping for.

Our ensembles are hand-picked from the most talented professionals in the Columbus area, based on your choices of repertoire. We specialize in strings, harp, piano, guitar and brass, but are not limited to those instruments. We're able to provide instrumentation to your liking, as well as music of virtually any genre from traditional classical to modern rock.

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*2021 update: Ian's wife Tiffany will be handling all booking contact with you!

"Out of all the compliments at my wedding, I definitely received the most about our string quartet! They were so cool and their sound was amazing! They played anything from Journey to Lady Gaga. They even learned a song that I wanted to surprise my husband with coming down the aisle. They played this song like they had done so their whole lives, it was perfect! They also have classical music if you want a more traditional sound but I opted for a more fun ceremony vibe. After your wedding you'll love hearing all the vendors your guests loved, if you book Columbus Musicians you're guaranteed their rave reviews!"

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