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Willie Nelson Mandela

Willie Nelson Mandela Band

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Willie Nelson Mandela is not your typical cover band. First, you will immediately notice the attire, each member wearing vintage powder blue blazers. Next, you will notice the high energy stage show: professional musicians faithfully recreating a wide range of songs from almost all of rock history. You won't just want to dance, you'll also want to dig that lava lamp out of your closet when you get home. 

Formed by five friends in a hazy college apartment circa 2004 near Capital University, their journey has taken them many places since. 

For your wedding, Willie Nelson Mandela will provide you with the perfect music for your special day. The band offers a variety of musical options and its members have played every type of wedding you can think of.
The real party begins with the signature Willie Nelson Mandela party/dance sets. And of course, the band will look like pros too. They can wear either the signature, full, matching powder blue suits or, for a more formal feel, traditional black suits as well. As for the music, you can leave the setlists up the band, make some requests, or even pick your own set from our extensive song list. Whatever you choose, get ready for a night that you and your guests will remember forever. 

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